Milan Branch offers Natixis' full suite of Corporate & Investment Banking expertise.  

We advise our clients on their business development and help them carry out strategic actions, from M&A to capital raising. We are a leading bank in Acquisition Financing for Private Equity firms and fast growing mid-caps. On the Primary Debt Markets, we are a top player in euro-denominated bonds for Financial Institutions as well as Corporate issuers. We are a global leader in green bonds and have supported a number of issuances by Italian organizations, including the first by ENEL and TERNA.

Natixis is a leading bank in Infrastructure and Real Estate Financing in Italy and a pioneer in Project Finance. We originated the country's first infrastructure project bond (Milan Metro 5, 2015), first solar project bond (Antin Solar Investment, 2014) and its first wind project bond (CEF3 by Glenmont Partners, 2017).

On the Capital Markets we provide bespoke investment and hedging solutions, including across Structured Credit and Equity Derivatives for Corporations and Financial Institutions.

"We are very focused, only working with clients to whom we know we can add value and only in Natixis' areas of global expertise."

Guido Pescione
Senior Country Manager, Italy


Via Borgogna, 8
20122 Milano

Fax: +39 02 0066 7300