The EMEA platform provides regional clients with financing and capital market solutions, in addition to access to global financial markets. From our headquarters in Paris, with significant business conducted from London, Milan, Madrid and Frankfurt we offer clients a wide range of solutions and a broad range of services, with a focus on meeting their specific requirements.

Our Middle East and Africa operations have grown in recent years, developing our relationships in the regions an important priority for Natixis. In the Middle East, our Dubai branch has worked closely with local partners to offer Islamic compliant financing. Our local knowledge combined with global expertise offers regional clients bespoke solutions to highly specialised projects. In Africa, Natixis has strong links with pan-African institutions with over 150 banking relationships, we also have a solid track record with sovereign and supranational issuers. 

Global Markets

In capital markets - the core of our business - we provide investment and hedging solutions for clients through our equity derivatives, fixed income and commodities teams. Our structured credit franchise, which operates globally from London, specializes in helping our clients navigate the changing financial landscape through solutions that connect capital with credit assets.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As a solutions-orientated bank, we work with M&A partners such as Fenchurch Advisory Partners and Natixis Partners España in the EMEA region to support clients in the development of their business through acquisitions, investments and optimizing capital structures.

Real Assets

We have financing and advisory teams covering aviation, infrastructure and energy & natural resources - three of Natixis' core sectors of expertise - as well as distribution teams to provide investors with access to Natixis-originated assets. Our sectorial industry bankers work hand-in-hand with our investment banking teams - including acquisition finance and primary debt markets.

Real Assets


Natixis supports clients over the long term, advising on solutions based on diverse business expertise from teams across the EMEA region. Clients have increasingly complex needs and our coverage teams pool talent from across the platform to provide clients with the best possible solutions.

"At Natixis, we have a longstanding presence in European markets, with strong partnerships in the Middle East and growing activity in Africa.

The Natixis EMEA platform provides clients an extensive range of services ranging from capital markets to project financing in a variety of key sectors such as aviation, infrastructure and energy & natural resources.

Our teams have diversified expertise in each location, working together with our global partners both in our head office and worldwide to design innovative solutions tailored to individual client needs."

Luc François

Luc Francois 
CEO, Corporate & Investment Banking, EMEA 
Global Head of Global Markets

Brush Natixis EMEA

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